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The Gerard Coussa Group, or the GCG®, named after its founder, is a cluster of innovative companies grouped under a unique mission:

1. To improve the trading and commercialization of local and imported goods in the Syrian market by building comprehensive
    distribution channels and working on partnership deals;

2. To allocate the necessary resources and facilities to bring the Syrian industrial capabilities to International standards, hence
    acquiring this practise with an undisputable and distinguishable character;

3. To focus on both niche and general raw material markets which can accommodate the intrusion of novel technologies, thus
    giving  the GCG® a pioneering and competitive advantage with respect to other companies.

The GCG® has been established in the mid 1990s after realizing the enormous commercial and industrial potential in an ever-booming favorable Syrian economy. Alwan®, the Dye and Pigment manufacturer, is the first establishment of the GCG®. Currently, Alwan® comprises two distinct but interconnected divisions: a commercial one, which dates back to 1934, and a more recent industrial one, which was established in 1991.

Presently, Alwan® is considered the largest Dye and Pigment manufacturer in Syria. Additionally, we are among the top traders of industrial chemicals, dyes and pigments for use in a variety of industries. It is thanks to Alwan®'s omnipresence in the Arabic market, its aggressive business model and more importantly its undisputable success that the GCG® has recently decided to expand its field of activities into the ever-growing industrial biotechnology realm.

In order to achieve this task, the GCG® is in the process of establishing SyBiotec®: the first and only white biotechnology company in the Syria. SyBiotec® benefits both from Chemical and Biomedical engineering expertise stemming from McGill University (Canada) and Bioscience managerial skills stemming from the University of Cambridge (United Kingdom). Via SyBiotec®, we hope to build a concrete platform in industrial biotechnology allowing us to emerge internationally as a leading producer of biomass based chemicals.

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